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Minimum age of 21 years, to possess qualification wallet more than the 2 years and to have practical in leading automobile;
The daily one of the car rent is 24-hour, from 25ª hour will happen in hour(s) extra(s), charged on the basis of 1/5 of the value of the daily one;
Discountings and promotions are not cumulative;
You receive the car with the full tank. The devolution could be in the same way, or then, the consumed fuel will be charged taking as base our internal table;
Anticipated reserves, will have to be taken care of with cars of the same group or superior group;
Devolutions of cars in other cities, will be charged return taxes;
In collision case, fire, robery, robbery or any another type of damage with the rented car, are obligator and indispensable the presentation of the bulletin of police occurrence (B.O.), that it will have to be made in the hour and the place of the occurrence, therefore not proceeding from this form, the renter will lose the contracted covering;
When it will have accident with the rented car, the costs with tow and fuel to bring the vehicle until the headquarters of the My Way Rent a Car, will always run for account of the renter;
They are not covered by the insurance, glasses, padding, tires and acessories(monkey, key of wheels, triangle, radio/CD, antenna), except in the cases of collision or fire, with bulletin of occurrence duly registered;
In the Case of Robery and/or Robbery and Total Loss of the rented car, with Bulletin of Occurrence duly registered, the corresponding value to radio/CD beyond a complete fuel tank will be charged of the renter;
Lost keys and documents will be charged of the customer in accordance with our internal table.
We accept the main credit cards;